Walkthrough – Creating a Site

This page is dedicated to the creation of a site. This is basically an outline of how to start from scratch to create your own site and get it up and running. Remember- 24 hours before I wrote this there was NO internetcheddar.com. It did not exist. Now I am creating pages, posts, instructions, and information on a full functional site. This is not hard to do! Lets get started:

STEP 0: First Things First

STEP 1: Find a hosting provider

STEP 2: Figure out your site name

STEP 3: Register your site name

STEP 4: Use a wizard to create your site

STEP 5: Site is created, now setup and configure it!

STEP 6: Create your first page (About Me)

STEP 7: Create your first post

STEP 8: Setup Plugins

STEP 8: Find a Theme

STEP 9: Tweak the appearance

STEP 10: Logos, images, and online content

STEP 11: Ads & Referrals

STEP 12: ???Profit???